Repel mosquitoes with essential oils

Essential Oils for the Beach – Part 1

The number one way I use essential oils at the beach?   Repelling mosquitoes.   Forget Deet and Deep Woods Off.  They do absolutely nothing for me.

I am one of those people who mosquitoes will search out in a crowd.  My companions can be oblivious to the fact mosquitoes even exist, yet I’ll be getting bitten repeatedly.   And the bites I receive are not the little, slightly itchy ones.  Mine swell up to the size of a nickle – sometimes even a quarter – and they burn, sting and itch for a week.

One evening at Ke’e Beach, we set out to watch the sunset.  I wore long pants and long sleeves on the beach in an attempt to thwart the efforts of these flying blood suckers.  But unfortunately I failed to wear rain boots.  I’m guessing they are the only thing that would have prevented the 15 bites I received on my feet and ankles in a matter of only 60 seconds.  I love Ke’e, but vowed to not return until I found a way to keep the mosquitoes away.

Happily, I found it. There is a repellent blend of essential oils that allows me to go out and enjoy the evening without continually slapping and my arms and legs.  Last time I was in Hawaii, I enjoyed 12 days on the beach and in the jungle (including watching several sunsets at Ke’e) and I believe I received only three bites the entire time.  For me, that is amazing. Contact me if you’d like to know more about this fabulous oil blend!

Two ways I use it:  1) Put several drops of the blend in a bottle of a carrier oil.  Mix well and then apply the oil to my arms and legs as I leave the condo.  2) Put several drops in a spray bottle of water.  Shake, and then spray the water on my arms and legs, then smooth the mixture along my skin.  I think the first method is most effective, but sometimes the spray bottle is easier.

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