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 Why Join Our Team and Create Your Own Home Based Business?

The Products

Start your own home based business with essential oils

doTERRA is the largest essential oil distributor in the world. We work with families to use natural solutions for their everyday life.

Parents turn to us when their current approach to health is not achieving the results they need, when they are tired of using harmful chemical concoctions for everything, and when they are confused by all of the natural options out there but never have time to research it all.  They use doTERRA products when they want more energy to do the things they love, or want to increase the overall quality of life for their family, safely and naturally.

doTERRA offers a full line of essential oil kits to support your family’s health goals, whatever they may be.  We have raised the bar in the essential oils industry. There are no fillers and no artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities. The plants are grown in their ideal environments, harvested at just the right time and distilled with expertise.  The oils go through extensive quality testing to ensure the correct composition of the active natural compounds found in each oil. We can be confident they are free of any contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues. They are “beyond organic”.


The Business Opportunity

You have the opportunity to share these amazing oils and change lives in the process, including your own.  You will be your own boss, set your own schedule, and determine your own income.

  • Your job is to introduce people to these amazing essential oils.  So many people are looking for natural options,  The oils are a perfect solution for just about anyone, whether they are young families or more mature adults.
  • You then teach people the basics of how to use the oils.  Generally this is done either through 30-45 minute in-person appointments (at your home, their home, a coffee shop, or wherever is comfortable) or online through a web chat/conference (such as skype, google hangout or zoom).  Or if you prefer, you can teach groups in a class setting.
  • And then you help people get started using the oils by, showing them how to purchase products or enroll with wholesale membership.

Each person’s business and marketing method might look a little bit different, depending on their own strengths and personality, but the core activities are the same — we introduce people to the oils, we educate on how they can use and benefit from them, and we help people get the oils.


Your business and your market are not limited by your geographical area.

The world is open to you.  Because of the technology available to us, we can enroll, train, support and lead people across the country or on the other side of the world. Some of our top income earners live in tiny towns, and they now have international teams & businesses.

Our first meeting with leaders from our Slovenian Team 2016

We have growing teams in Norway, Russia, Australia and other countries around the world.  In fact, our largest team is in beautiful Slovenia and we’ve had so much fun traveling to Europe to meet and work with them.

doTERRA is continually opening new markets with on-the-ground support and door to door shipping available.  USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Costa Rica, as well as most of Europe area all open and growing rapidly. South Africa, Philippians, Brazil and Colombia to open shortly.

For those countries not yet open, customers and team members can still enroll, order products and work the business through our Global Access program..

The Training and Mentoring

Some of our leaders in London 2018

We provide excellent training.  As you work with us, you’ll quickly learn how to introduce others to the oils, whether that may be your friends, your neighbors, or people you don’t yet know.  We’ll show you how to easily and comfortably hold a short appointment with people. You’ll teach them the basics about oils, how they can benefit from them, and help them get started.

Through our community, we’ll provide fun and informative product training to your customers so that they immediately get comfortable using their oils and become loyal, long term customers.   And we’ll provide ongoing training to help you support your growing team and increase your income.


The Community

Our friendly doTERRA CommunityWe have an amazing community that is made up of both essential oil enthusiasts (customers) and other doTERRA business builders who are working together to share the oils and create an income for their families.  The people we get to know and work with are really one of the best parts of this business.  We are working with amazing, like minded people who enrich our lives as we go about trying to help improve the lives of others.

We have many resources in place to help you succeed. In addition to our active community Facebook page where we offer regular essential oil training to customers, we have a business oriented group where we discuss business topics, provide support and masterminding.  We hold weekly training calls, individual and team mentoring, and in many areas, fun social events.  We also offer regular incentives to reward you for working your business and growing your income.




As a distributor, you would

  • Work from home on your own schedule
  • Introduce people to the oils and set an appointment, so they can learn about them
  • Met with people (in person or online) to teach them the basics and how they can benefit from using essential oils
  • Help them buy oils or set up a wholesale account
  • Receive commissions on your sales, while helping other people

As a team leader, you would also

  • Train and mentor new advocates who join your team
  • Support and lead your team and sales organization
  • Work with other leaders to organize and provide training
  • Attend leadership retreats and annual convention
  • Receive bonuses and overrides on the sales by your team

How is this opportunity different than other network marketing companies?

  • Our compensation plan is unparalleled.  We promote team building instead of greed. The more you support and help the people below you, the more success you will have.

  • We have versatile products that basically sell themselves because they they work.

  • We focus on education and providing an experience.  Hard selling is not only unnecessary, it is also undesirable. We want people who are willing to share the oils with others and teach them how to use them.  People working with us want to make a positive difference for others and throughout the world.

  • We work with a debt-free company, with no outside funding and our founders have an extremely high level of integrity.   Why does this matter?  Many network marketing companies are in debt. Many offer fad products that won’t have longevity in the marketplace, putting your efforts and income at risk.  This isn’t a concern at doTERRA.

  • The trillion dollar Wellness Industry is one of the top 5 fastest growing industries.

  • We are the largest Essential Oil Company in the world!

  • We have an astounding 65% retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average of 10-15% retention. What does that mean? After joining, 65% of all customers reorder or continue. Why? Because customers and consultants are satisfied with product value.  That high satisfaction level leads to a desire to share products/success with others. If your company has only a 10-15% retention rate, developing long term, residual income is extremely difficult.

  • We truly are sharing a wellness lifestyle and exceptional products, not selling a “money making opportunity”.


Is this a get rich quick scheme?

No, it is not. You can definitely make money with this home based business- whether your goal is to make a little extra spending money or to completely replace your family income.  But it IS a business. That means it takes consistent effort and commitment to make it successful. Your business will be what you make it. You can build it quickly or slowly.

Either way, we are here to support and guide you, and the potential for personal and financial growth is incredible.  It’s well worth the effort.  And our team provide awesome support and mentoring.  You’re not just starting a business. You are joining a community of like minded people who want to help you succeed.


My Experience:

Four years ago, as my kids were headed to college, I found myself in need of an income and something meaningful to do with my time.  Yet due to the health challenges I was experiencing, I never knew from day to day whether I would be feeling well enough to adequately function at a “traditional” job.  This was extremely frustrating and discouraging for me. It left me without the confidence to take on new projects or challenges (or gainful employment).  Then I discovered a new essential oil company!

I began as a customer, initially without the intention of creating a business. But I found the oils very effective, and people were quite interested in them.  Although I was rather shy and definitely not a “sales person”, I realized sharing these oils was something I could do.  The oils basically sell themselves; all you have to do is help people have an experience with them, and then show them how to enroll with a wholesale membership.

I realized I could share with others and work from home according to my own schedule! If I didn’t feel well or it was an “off brain day” as we call them, it wasn’t a crisis, because no boss was expecting me to show up on time, in top form.   I could share with others as I felt up to it, and gradually develop an income and create a successful business.

family smallOne of the wonderful things about these oils as a product, is how pure, potent and effective they are. The oils support your body so it can function optimally.

For me, this has been life changing. While in the beginning, the business allowed me to comfortably work on my own schedule as I felt up to it, I now have the energy to share oils and educate others full time. We have a rapidly growing, international team of amazing, like-minded people who want to help others and heal the world.

My success has now enabled my husband, Craig, to quit his job and share these oils along with me! It’s awesome to do this business as a team!  I’m so grateful for the fantastic opportunity we have to improve both our health and our finances. I invite you to join us – whether as an essential oil user supporting your own health, or in this rewarding career sharing a natural gift with the world.


Share essential oils as a business and earn a great income working from home. doTERRA essential oils in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, Burlington, Mount Vernon, White Rock, Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver, BC. Portland, Beaverton Oregon. Vancouver, WA. Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Plano TX Texas. Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, AZ Arizona. Start your own home based business.