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Retail pricing is designed for those who are looking to purchase a couple of essential oils or products to gain their own experience with dōTERRA.  If you don’t think you’ll spend $140 on essential oils and other products in your first year, becoming a Retail Customer is a quick and simple purchase alternative.  For best price savings, we recommend choosing Wholesale.

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I’ve had a lot of erratic shifts in moods in the last few weeks that come on very suddenly, strongly & sometimes without warning. Sometimes I can’t even think straight enough in these moments to reach for Balance and/or Serenity. When I do it helps, at the same time it only takes it down so much.

Last week I was having an episode & for some reason I decided to just reach for an empty bottle of Frankincense. WOW! The result was instantaneous. I didn’t go from hysteria to zen but I went from being completely out of control to being able to reason & work out what I was feeling the second that I got a whiff of Frank. ~ Mary K, California