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If you’re dreaming of living healthier and feeling happier while making a bigger difference in the world, you’re in the right place.

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Create a business and a life you’ll love

When you partner with us to start your own business, you’ll work directly with us to prepare, launch and grow your business and income.

Whether your goal is to earn an extra few hundred dollars a month, several thousand, or create a long term residual income to provide financial freedom, we can help create a plan to achieve it, and guide you on your journey.

In addition to our many years of essential oil and business experience, you’ll have access to our large community of supportive, friendly and knowledgeable essential oil entrepreneurs.

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Why We Partner With dōTERRA

There are so many reasons why dōTERRA is the best direct sales company to work with when you start your own business.

Their products are effective:

  • Most tested, most trusted essential oils on the market
  • Used by doctors and hospitals worldwide
  • Customers want to reorder their dōTERRA products, giving us a record breaking retention rate of 65% (average industry rate is 13%)

The company is solid and stable:

  • Largest essential oils company in the world
  • Debt free with no outside funding
  • Privately owned, which means they report to no stockholders who expect profits
  • Open in 120+ markets worldwide
  • Growth rate similar to Apple – 1 billion dollar company in 7 years

They care about making a difference:

  • dōTERRA creates partnerships with growers around the world
  • Preserve agricultural traditions through Co-Impact Sourcing
  • Nonprofit Healing Hands Foundation focuses on giving back
  • As you grow your dōTERRA business, you lift the lives of others
  • Every purchase improves the lives of our growers/harvesters and their communities

Six Things I Love About My dōTERRA Business

When I started on this journey, I didn’t envision where it would take me. So many people need these amazing, natural solutions, and it didn’t take long before a bunch of people started joining me.

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Starting Your Own doTERRA Business – FAQ

  • Do you have an appreciation for essential oils, natural solutions, fitness or wellness?
  • Do you care about people?
  • Can you follow a system and get things done?
  • Are you willing to talk with people about essential oils and other life changing products, teach them how to use them, and assist them in discovering the many ways these products can help them reach their wellness goals?

If so, this could work for you.

There are many different qualities and traits that are an asset when building a doTERRA business. We all come with our own set of strengths, and you’ll be encouraged to work your business by capitalizing on your personal strengths.

Some of the most helpful qualities would be:

Self discipline – the ability to keep yourself on task when you don’t have a boss to report to or a quota you must meet.

The desire to help people – this business is very much about helping people find solutions.

An appreciation for essential oils – of course it makes a huge difference in your results when you are offering a product you believe in. Using and knowing essential oils yourself will be important to your success as you recommend solutions to others.

The ability to follow a system – doTERRA has a path to follow to help you be successful in building your business. There is a lot of room for customizing it to fit your personality and your situation, however, following the system will help keep you on track.

This is a common question. There really isn’t a one size fits all answer.

The amount of time you’ll need to invest depends on a number of factors:

  1. What level of income you want to reach
  2. How long you want to take to get there
  3. How well you focus on income producing / business building activities

When you have determined the first two factors on the list, we will have a better idea of how much time you’ll need to invest on a weekly basis, and can help you develop a plan.

Everyone’s path with be different, however, a general guideline on how much time you’ll need to invest, when focusing on tasks that grow your business, is:

To earn enough to have your monthly product orders paid for
= 3 – 5 hours per week

To supplement your income
= 10 – 15 hours per week

To replace your income
= 15 – 30 hours per week.

Those who work efficiently and focus on income producing activities will reach their goals more quickly than those who don’t, regardless of what their goal may be.

In addition to the complete training course that will lead you through the process of contacting, inviting, teaching and supporting new customers, you will also have access regular business training calls, product and oil education training, and the knowledge of our large community.

You’ll need to enroll with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate and place your initial order for your starter kit. There are several options. (Kit options can be found on the Get Started page.) We are happy to discuss the options with you to help get the kit that works best for you.

Once you have decided on your kit, you will want to connect with us so that we can help you place your order (and make sure you are able to take advantage of any current promotions or specials) and provide you with the resources you need to take the next steps.

Please contact us either through the contact form or by calling Craig at 360. 389. 2583

Watch this 4 minute video to get a quick overview of how you are paid. We can provide more in depth information whenever you are ready.

Most businesses take many thousands of dollars to start, along with business savvy and the ability to work long hours to get it off the ground.

If you use a direct sales company to start your own business, it is much simpler and far more affordable.

Built-In Business Model: Product sourcing, order fulfillment, billing and most customer service are all taken are of for you. You don’t need to carry an inventory or deal with shipping, and there are no overhead requirements. You can work from the comfort of your own home (or if you like to get out, the local Starbucks works for a lot of people!)

Built-In Education System: You have access to the training you need to be successful, including product knowledge, business trainings and leadership development.

Low Start Up Costs: Your only ongoing financial commitment is to place your own 100pv LRP order each month (approximately $115 – $150 per month when you include tax/shipping), which helps you gain experience with doTERRA products and have oils available to sample/share with others.

This is such a small commitment to start your own business that most people have no difficulty. However, for those on a very tight budget when they begin, collecting retail orders from friends, neighbors or co-workers can allow them to place that monthly order without paying for it all themselves. Talk to us if you want more information on this.

More and more parents are overwhelmed by all the demands on their time. Working a 30 – 40+ hour a week job according to someone else’s schedule, leaves them little flexibility to be available for soccer games, dance recitals, dental appointments, helping with homework and all the things that come along with parenting.

When you create an income with doTERRA, you have the flexibility to be available for your family when they need you. You get to set your own hours. This flexibility, as well as the ability to create a residual income that keeps paying you even when you are NOT working, is giving families more quality time together and more financial freedom.

As you get to middle age and start thinking about your future retirement, you may discover, as many of us do, that if you continue working and saving as you have thus far, you will not have the resources you need to be able to comfortably retire.

The average income needed for retirement in the US is at least $4,500 per month (and this amount is increasing rapidly with inflation). At an interest rate of 5%, you need a nest egg of $1,080,000 to be able to generate a $4,500/month income. Most people won’t have that much in savings and investments when they are ready to retire. Social security benefits are woefully inadequate (and may not be available in future years), and an increasing number of workers receive no (or insufficient) pension from their employer.

Nearly 75% of people at age 50 have less than $5,000 in their bank account, and over 90% of retired people depend on outside financial resources.

The truth is, most of us need to create a new source and pipeline of residual income in order to be able to retire, and people are finding that building a dōTERRA business is a great way to do it.

Starting your dōTERRA business begins with the simple action of sharing essential oils with people.

Teach them how using essential oils can empower them to be a solutions provider in their own home.

Help them get started with their own dōTERRA wholesale account, which will give them the best deals and lowest prices.

Ready to Start Your Own Business With doTERRA?

Are you ready to launch your own dōTERRA business and begin creating a financial pipeline for yourself?

We are eager to help you launch your business and provide you with the training, resources and support you need to bless the lives of others with these amazing essential oils.

Launch My Business

“Do today what others won’t, so you can live tomorrow the way others can’t.”

Dave Ramsey • Quote of the Day

“Years from now, you will wish that you started today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Today is the day to work towards something you want tomorrow.”

Anonymous • Quote of the Day
Working with Kristin and Craig is such a pleasure. Friendly, supportive, helpful and encouraging. In a people business, who you partner with is essential. I highly recommend the Cottles for their professionalism and expert knowledge both professionally and product-related.
Anastacia Lundholm, Anastacia Essential Wellness

doTERRA is unlike any other sales and MLM I have been apart of. Because of Kristin, Craig and Allison, this inclusive conjoined effort, truly committed to everyone’s health and success is not the typical sales-forward, personal-gain company. I came for the oils, I stayed for the passion and commitment in this team and Company. 

Teresa Gadman, Oil Moms

I am so glad I joined doTERRA with Craig and Kristin. They are supportive and have helped train and empower me to start my business.

Crystal Lutton,