Metabolic Health

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Are you struggling with energy, mood, sleep, stress, brain fog, or even your weight?

Did you know that your metabolic health is related to these health challenges and so much more?

What if you could upgrade your metabolic health and as a result, shrink your fat cells, regulate your normal ranged blood sugar highs and lows which are directly related to how fast you age, rejuvenate the health of your cells so that you have more energy, more clarity, faster recovery time, and even minimize unwanted wrinkles?

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Why Is Metabolic Health Important?

Good metabolic health means your body can digest and absorb nutrients from food with healthy, stable levels of blood sugar, blood fat, and insulin. Fluctuations in these levels are natural, but it’s important to avoid big spikes, which can contribute unfavorably to long-term health.

Five Pillars of Metabolic Health

The good news is the choices you make daily can put you in control of your metabolic health! Your metabolism can be optimized at any stage of life by attending to these five pillars.

Healthy eating, daily movement, healthy connections, stress management (including restorative sleep), and smart supplementation are the five keys that will help you to unlock optimal metabolic health.

Smart supplementation is how you double down on the benefits of the other pillars, granting you a greater return on your efforts.

How’s Your Metabolic Health?

Would you be surprised to learn that under 7% of US adults have optimal cardiometabolic health? So every 14 people you meet, 13 of them have suboptimal metabolic health, and many don’t even realize it. The world needs a metabolic health awakening.

Do you know your biomarkers for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol? Are you in a healthy weight range? What’s your family’s history with cardiovascular health? These are the health markers reviewed in a study of 55,000 US adults. They can predict future quality of life and lifespan.

What does optimal metabolic health look like for you?

More energy so you can keep up with your kids and your social life? More stamina throughout the day? Improved endurance during your workouts? A clearer mind so you can crush it at work? More restful sleep? Maintaining healthy, comfortable weight? Stable, positive mood? Cognitive clarity?

There’s a big difference between your lifespan and your health-span.

Medical advances are helping us live longer, but not always with the quality of life needed for fulfilling, powerful lives.

Lifespan has exceeded health-span, meaning we’re living longer, but not necessarily with vitality and health for all those years. In fact, the last eight years of life are statistically spent with inhibited enjoyment of life because of health limitations.

It’s not just the effects of aging.

Life is full of stressors that can make us feel much older than we are. We get aches, can’t sleep, experience brain fog, and take longer to bounce back than we’d like. We can feel like we’re working overtime just to get through the day.

Is that how you want to live each precious day of your life? Is that how you want to feel in the extra years we’ve gained through medical advances?

What’s preventing you from living vibrantly?

The truth is you can control how you feel. It’s time to close the gap between lifespan and health-span.

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The Lifespan/Health-Span Gap

How do we close that gap? Even for the average healthy person, aging markers begin to show up in your twenties. By the time you reach 50 years old, your body is producing about half the NAD+ it was when you were 20.

What’s NAD+?

NAD+ is responsible for two types of reactions in the body:

1. Metabolic function, which converts food and nutrients into cellular energy.

2. Cellular integrity, which protects your cellular energy factories.

Because NAD+ levels steadily fall as you age, there are important implications to metabolic function and the negative effects on DNA that snowball as NAD+ levels decline.

What does that mean? As you age, so does your metabolic function, which plays a role in cellular wellness. And because your metabolism influences your weight, body composition, energy, and even cognitive performance, to close the gap between lifespan and health-span, you must take control of your metabolic health.

Metabolic Health Obstacles

We have to overcome four obstacles to metabolic health: maturing fat cells, cellular integrity, spikes in blood sugar (that are already in the normal range), and inferior supplements.

These metabolic health obstacles affect your health-span, making it hard to live a vibrant life.


There Is A Solution

Finally, we have a way to fill in the missing piece in your wellness lifestyle plan. It’s formulated with the intent to support naturally increasing NAD+ and NADH levels in your body (supporting cellular integrity), help smooth out the spiles and dips in your normal-range blood glucose levels by promoting healthy insulin activity and response, curbing cravings, and inhibiting fat cells from maturing.

The new MetaPWR system was created to provide support for your body on a cellular level, helping you live a youthful, vibrant life.

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