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DIY Body Butter


I love the moisturizing benefits and the luxurious feel of body butter. Here's a popular DIY recipe for an essential oil body butter you can make at home: Ingredients: 1/2 cup shea butter 1/4

DIY Body Butter2023-04-21T13:56:53-07:00

Lemon Powder Cleanser


As I've mentioned before, I love to clean with lemon essential oil. This is a great recipe for deep cleaning. You can avoid hours of scrubbing with this powdered cleanser DIY. It makes it

Lemon Powder Cleanser2023-04-21T13:54:05-07:00

Make Over Your Mood


Life is stressful. And the past few years have created some all new worries and stressors. I've been so glad for my essential oils to help me manage my mood when I've been anxious,

Make Over Your Mood2022-06-06T01:44:09-07:00

All-Purpose Lemon Cleaner


I LOVE cleaning with lemon. It smells so clean and fresh and it is a cleaning wonder. Got sticky residue? Use lemon. Grease on your stovetop? Use lemon. Permanent magic marker scribbled all over

All-Purpose Lemon Cleaner2023-04-21T13:55:13-07:00

Essential Oil Safety


What should I know about essential oil safety? Essential oils are safe and easy to use. However, it is important to remember that therapeutic grade oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. They should

Essential Oil Safety2023-04-21T15:26:28-07:00

Essential Oils for Massage


I love massage. Well, who doesn't? But years of extreme stress and tension in my younger days have made my muscles and fascia hard and not easily pliable. At least that's what my massage

Essential Oils for Massage2022-06-06T00:52:11-07:00

Emotional Aromatherapy


Have you wondered how essential oils are able to impact your mood? Emotional Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for psychological wellbeing. As you inhale the aroma, molecules in the essential oils travel from

Emotional Aromatherapy2022-06-06T02:06:13-07:00

Essential Oil Quality


Do you know where your oils come from? Have they undergone testing to ensure they are free of fillers, pesticides and adulterations? Did you know there is no regulation in the essential oil industry?

Essential Oil Quality2022-06-06T10:35:29-07:00
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