I love massage. Well, who doesn’t? But years of extreme stress and tension in my younger days have made my muscles and fascia hard and not easily pliable. At least that’s what my massage therapists have told me. Working on my body is like massaging cement. Thank heaven for essential oils.

I’ve found by incorporating essential oils into my massages, the therapist can make far more progress in less time. It’s more relaxing, get more out of my massage, and my therapist doesn’t have to work as hard. It’s a win-win. Using the essential oils makes such a huge difference that I won’t go to a massage therapist if they are not willing to use my oils as part of my massage.

You don’t need to go to a massage therapist to benefit from using your oils, however. There are so many ways and reasons to use oils as part of your own massage. You can apply oils and massage in to aching feet after a long day standing, or on stiff muscles and joints after a work out (or getting out of bed, for us older folk). Use oils along with a neck or shoulder massage to ease tension.

When my daughter was younger and dealing with the emotional upheaval of puberty and being a young teenager, we struggled a bit in our relationship. We were often at odds with each other. I started giving her a foot massage in the evenings with wild orange, and it improved both her emotional state and our relationship considerably.

My personal favorites for massage include Balance blend to help my mind slow down, Aromatouch blend to help release tension, and Deep Blue blend to ease pain. Here are some other oils you might want to consider incorporating in to your massage.

Aromatic/Mood massage

Most oils can have a positive impact on your mood and emotions. During massage, these oils are some of your best options for this purpose.

  • Lavender. Lavender is known for it’s ability to calm and relax, and is a great oil for both adults and children.
  • doTERRA Serenity® Restful Blend. This blend helps to calm the mind and prepare for restful sleep, so is an excellent choice for a massage shortly before bed.
  • Bergamot. This oil is both calming and uplifting. Bergamot is known of the oil of self acceptance, and can be a great choice when you are emotionally struggling. Be sure it is well diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, and do not choose Bergamot for your massage if you are going to be out in the sun. This oil is quite photosensitive.
  • Clary Sage or ClaryCalm® Monthly Blend for Women. Either of these would be a good choice for women dealing with more volatile emotions related to hormones, particularly during menstruation or menopause.
  • Geranium. Excellent for a couple’s massage. Its known as the oil of love & trust. Geranium can also be a good choice for those who may be processing a loss and coping with grief.
  • Grapefruit. Uplifting and bright, use Grapefruit as a massage oil to brighten the day ahead. Also photosensitive, so avoid applying to areas that will be exposed to the sun.
  • Wild Orange. My favorite for uplifting the spirit, I like to use this along with a foot massage.
  • Myrrh. Recognized as a spiritual oil, Myrrh promotes creativity and energy.

Soothing Massage

Soothing massage oils are perfect to use before or after a workout, or when you are feeling the after-effects of a long day of hard physical work.

  • AromaTouch® Massage Blend: This is at the top of my list for massage. It relaxes muscles and eases tension, allowing you to get the most out of your massage.
  • Deep Blue® Soothing Blend. This blend is both cooling and comforting. It also comes as Deep Blue® Rub for a lotion-like application for targeted areas. This is one of my go-to oils for muscle aches.
  • Cypress. Cypress is the oil of motion & flow and helps get things moving. Soothing when applied on its own; use with a citrus oil for an invigorating massage.
  • Eucalyptus. Helps to promote clear breathing and create feelings of open airways.
  • Lemongrass. Lemongrass is great for tendons & ligaments, so it’s the perfect massage oil to use after an especially intense workout.
  • Marjoram. Excellent for helping to relax muscles and release tensions. Can be used to target specific tired or stressed muscles.
  • PastTense® Tension Blend. Brings a cooling and soothing sensation similar to Deep Blue, but even more so. You’ll definitely want to dilute this one well.
  • Vetiver. A soothing and aromatic massage oil for feet after a long day.
  • Wintergreen. Great for easing discomfort. Both soothing and warming, be sure to dilute.