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Essential oils are being used across the world to support health and wellness.  Although essential oils have been used in medical settings in Europe for decades, North America is finally catching on and discovering how powerful therapeutic grade oils are.
They are now being used not only with massage, but also by medical professionals in emergency rooms, doctors offices, hospice care centers, dental practices and surgical centers, as well as simply at home by families who are empowered with this natural solution.

Learn more about doTERRA essential oils – the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils available. New to essential oils? We offer aromatherapy and essential oils education in live classes and workshops from Seattle to Bellingham, WA and beyond, and regular webinars to teach and share with people worldwide.


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Although our family has been using essential oils for over 10 years, we discovered doTERRA only three and half years ago – at a time when we were trying to figure out how we could pay the $1,100/month it cost for the list of asthma and anti-seizure medications my wife had been prescribed. We were excited about having this pure, potent and natural option to support her breathing and lung function.

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After using the doTERRA oils for just a few weeks, we ended up disposing of all the other “therapeutic grade” oils we had in our cupboard, as we found our doTERRA oils were far superior to any oils we had previously used. We have used the oils daily for 3 years now and my wife’s brain function, energy level and overall health are all the best they’ve been in many years.

doTERRA has helped me, too.  Not only do we rarely catch a cold or flu, but because the oils can support a healthy disgestive system, I no longer use synthetic medications for occassional heartburn, and I am able to ride my bike without muscle or joint discomfort, thanks to the “soothing” blend of oils.

Discovering doTERRA as a safe, affordable and effective option for our health & wellness has been a blessing to our family and we feel it important to share this discovery with others. We have been delighted to find so many other people are looking for natural solutions for their health concerns, and doTERRA beautifully fills this need.

Craig & Kristin Cottle